Brittany to the Rescue Pt. 2

Yes, another twenty points! I felt it necessary to say that because the person I was working with had to bring it to my attention that I could get points for what I was doing. I did not even realize it! I was just doing it out of the kindness of my heart ;p.

My classmates issue was that his bank card was not being accepted by reclaim hosting. After many unsuccessful tries, and multiple emails, and text messages to send him a verification code, he gave up. But one could only understand that frustrating moment when you are doing everything that you are and nothing is working. He was unable to proceed due to the credit card not working, so the tutorial could not have been much help. I had the same issue and I want to commend him for handling it wayyy better than I did! I saw that he was having a continuous problem and had to help because I hate seeing anyone unhappy. So to sum it up, I suggested making another domain name which actually solved the problem.

By brittg

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