Anderson with the Assist

The two people I helped to claim their domain names and create their websites were Khalid and Desmond. Neither of them even attempted to create their website or claim their domain name prior to last class, so I had to assist them throughout the whole process. Although both Desmond and Khalid agreed that the installation of WordPress was easy, Desmond said he had difficulty writing/editing his first post in which he changed from “Hello World” to “Hello Folks”. Whenever Khalid got stuck he used “Google” to give him ideas and answers to things such as what picture he should use as his theme, his independent research also helped guide him in entitling his “Hello World” post “Level 1″. Of course since I was there they both asked me for help when needed, mainly in the beginning when they had to claim a domain name and install WordPress. Aside from that they used Reflection number 5 and 6 to guide them as well.

Here is a photo I took of the two guys working on some themes for their sites.

Anderson with the Assist

Khalid’s Site:

Desmond’s Site:


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