There are both cons and pros with copyright infringement !!

Before this assignment was assigned, I have always been interested int copyrights because I have noticed how important it is to have one when branding your name for business and pretty much anything you create. Copyright is the legal right to protect the originators work. this includes print, media, film,  perform, and musical materials. This protect is placed to prevent anyone from stealing that original material and claiming it as their own and profiting from it too. I think everyone should take copyright into consideration when borrowing material from creators. I know a lot of people who borrow material dont mean any harm. They are just using it as a a resource for a project or piece they are creating. But there are those who will over step that boundary and claim it was their work, originally created and will not give credit where and when it is due. And I dont like that. In fact, I hate it. There is nothing worse than a arrogant thief. That is someone’s hard work you are stealing! But on the other hand, many beautiful creations when inspired by original work and create a modified version that can look even better. Fair use would be nice. People should state and get credit where its due. Dont take others art and call it your own when your’e only borrowing. It’s wrong.

Digital technology is the opportunity to revive creativity. like Larry Lessig said, but there is a cost for those who don’t use it correctly an act irresponsible. Always be aware of who’s material you’re using and where it’s from. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and so many other famous people or creative individuals have been sued or were threatened to be because they didn’t ask for permission. Not everyone is willing to share. Not everyone is willing to see others revive art and those kinds of things. So you have to be cautious.



CT101 Digital Storytelling