I’ve Got You

ive-got-youDid you sign-up for Reclaim Hosting this past week and get your domain? Did you install WordPress and get your first post edited? Did you start and get stuck? Did you stop? Did you ask for help? Did you work through the materials linked in Reflection 5 and Reflection 6?

Bonus in-class activity and reflection:

For students that signed up for hosting and got their site up and running, find a student or students to help. Ask the questions posed above and record the students’ answers. Get them (re)started on the process. For each student you help and provide the answers to these questions you will receive 20 points. You must report the results in a blog post including the answers to the questions and link(s) to the site(s) created by the student(s) you helped.

For students that did not sign up for hosting and/or did not get their site up and running, find a student that did successfully get their site up. Honestly answer the questions above with a student that is interested in helping you. Complete the sign-up process and get your site up and running. Add your site to the submission form. Edit the ‘Hello World’ blog post on your site and report your answers to the questions you described to the student who helped you. Also, describe what you will do differently for future assignments that you struggle to complete and/or did not notice need to be completed. Receive 20 points for this bonus reflection post.


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