I Finally Got In!

Hey eveyone!

I finally got my WordPress site! It took me a long time to get this beacause I have tried many times to get this up and going. If Proessor Smith hadn’t emailed me that tutorial on how to sign up, I would have been so lost.  I actually wanted to hold it off for Monday’s class for Professor Seslow to walk me through it. But the video was definelty helpful. This is my procedure in getting my site up. First I went to the Reclaim Hosting site which directed me to the Client Area to search the availabilty for my Domain Name. Fortunatley enough for me the Domain Name I previously checkout was still available. I guess it was holding it’s place for me.  Once I checked out for my site I then recieved a confirmation notice via email, which I confirmed. This part of the walk through was easy and fast!

In my client area I then clicked on cPanel as directed by my professors. Now at this point I was a bit flustered because when I clicked on the WordPress icon, my Installatron page DID NOT load. I had to reload the page a bunch of times and I was still having an issue with the site. I also tried signing in and out of my site a few times and went through the same process. At this point, I got very frustrated and that is when I decided to reach out to Professor Smith! He immediately responded to my problem and suggested that I reload the page. No kiding right?… But I did it anyway. Just to satisfy myself in hope that he did something on his end, Unfortunately, he didn’t… I replied with a more detailed explaination as to what I ‘m getting on my PC and he then suggested that I send in a help ticket… A help ticket? Who actually uses those? Well, I didn’t ask that but I thought it. So I sent in a help ticket. Within a mintue or two I received an email from Jim Groom himself. He basically looked into the issue and found nothing. I did not get my WordPress installed last night, but I just got it! And I am so relieved. It turns out my browser was an issue, because I signed in at York and it loaded immediatley. I went ahead to continue the process: Install the app, logged into WordPress, and now here I am! It was a very frustrating process at first but it was worth it in the end. I finally have my very own Domain site! Thanks to professors’ Smith and Seslow.

I would like to personalize my site by creating a theme of  inspiration,  teamwork. I chose my domain name because it represents my initial and I’m really into all kinds of media productions. Therefore, it means you will find a variety of media productions provided by me.


CT101 Digital Storytelling