How I set up my little world!! (reflection 6)

When it finally came time to start decorating and customizing my websites look, I started looking at all the themes available at the moment and right away I knew I wanted to use something different, rather than just using one of the three that were automatically available. So I decided to look through the selections in the add new part of the appearance section and I found this amazing wall paper called Landline:                   I chose this theme because I love pictures of landscapes and I thought it would be a great opportunity to incorporate a beautiful image to really personalize my website and making to my liking.

I made a few different customizations to my sites appearance. I changed my sites title to Victoria’s World and the tagline from  what it was before to My new little world because I want my page to incite excitement and joy! Then I changed the background image from the original to a picture of one of many beautiful images of an aurora borealis. I  even changed the color scheme from mango to lime and then after an hour and half I chose my (for right now) favorite font for my web page! Which was a lot harder than I would’ve thought, to be honest. I decided against adding any extra plugins just because I didn’t deem it truly necessary and I know I won’t be uploading anything from my website to any social media site or anything like that and the simpler the things are the better. Which is exactly why I just left the plugins list the same.

After I was done customizing my page’s appearance I decided to add an about page just because my site was looking kind of boring and there was already a link leading to this basically blank page, that doesn’t say anything at all. Which bothered me and so I wrote a small summary of what I’m going to be uploading to my site and a few personal details here and there about things that i like to do or read, to my about page. But I definitely don’t want to add any widgets because I don’t think they’re absolutely necessary.

CT101 Digital Storytelling