Themes and Such

While browsing through themes P stumbled upon one that reminded me of a notebook or a journal.

The theme is called  Anarcho Notepad.  I chose the theme because notepads are a way that people document their ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

I felt it was fitting for my theme because in a way I am documenting  my ideas. Originally the background was a woodsy black texture but I changed it to a photo

I took.


The photo is a picture I took while exploring through a huge forest looking park in queens borderline long island.  As I was exploring through the park I took a picture of the trail

I was walking down. Surrounding the trail were twisted branches and trees. It definitely goes with the title of the blog site which is the twisted adventure. Every little aspect of the site connects on its on way.

The only plug in I activated was the one to prevent spam. I hate spam.

On my about me page I gave a snippet of what the site is about. Soon there will be more features on the  About page as my ideas begin to expand.


By Blue Hair Bandit

Call me Tay Just an awkward girl with the curls

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