Social Media

Weekly reflection 3

The Social media I use is Facebook, Twitter sometimes, Instagram and Tumblr. Facebook I use very often because that is where I contact and connect with alot of my friends and family so of course some of my posts are set in privacy for family because some details are not suitable for family to see. On Twitter I only use to post some posts about my journalism class so I don’t use it alot. Instagram is where I post mainly set to private and Tumblr is where I am the most public I post anything I want on there. Tumblr is where I have no close friends or family to see what I am posting so I have the most freedom there while Instagram is in the middle of privacy and public and Facebook is my main place to connect so I need to be careful what I’m posting sometimes. After reading danah boyd “controlling your public appearance” it still does not make me change my mind, I don’t post anything that will be a threat to myself if you search up my name on Facebook there will be thousands of me but when you click on my name it will only say my job and nothing else.

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