Reading Writing Arithmetic… Reading Writing Arithmetic… Reading Writing Arithmetic

From this week’s reading for the Digital Storytelling Project I picked the quote:

“Yet higher education largely failed to empower the strong and effective imaginations that students need for creative citizenship in this new medium.”

This quote is meaningful to me because I feel like in the world of new technology a lot of professors and teachers are living in the past. We as students aren’t taught the very things we need to know to be able to make a name for ourselves this day in age. Teachers are constantly telling us that cellphones and other electronics aren’t allowed in the classroom. Or we are ridiculed for being able to find out information faster by using our technology. Colleges don’t seem to be the place for us to use our creativity to learn, we are stuck in the path that has already been paved for us. Why is it that the majors that require an art class require art history and not creative arts? I think people should have more say and choice when it comes their education.

The reason I picked to create this GIF is because every time I try to express my opinions about school in general people respond as if nothing can be done. Or better yet as if they know everything but they don’t have the answer to my main question which is why are the school systems the way they are? Why are students being tested in only one learning style and no one can see that there is a problem or willing to change it? Why are we stilling learning stuff that won’t really help us in the long run, where are the “real life” courses? So this GIF is from a interview of Kanye West, and here he is telling Sway “You aint got the answers, you aint been doing the education”, is exactly how I feel when someone tries to discard my thoughts on the education system.

I made this GIF using this website.


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