Ok, I had a lot of fun doing this project. I have a samsung note pro Tablet. I downloaded 2 applications from the playstore. I downloaded video cutter, and a Video to GIF converter. I also used to download any videos from off of Youtube.. I already had some movies on my Tablet. My first GIF is a clip from the classic movie “Strictly Business” . Since I had this movie on my tablet already I just had to use the video cutter, to cut out the part I wanted to use as my GIF then save it. Next I uploaded it to the Video to GIF converter to then transfer the clip into an actual GIF. This reaction would be used in a textual situation as such :

Sarah: OMG you won’t believe what I heard, Ashley is trying to get you fired. She wants the promotion that your being considered for!

Becky: I can’t believe this!

Sarah: What are you going to do?


When you really want to knock someone out, because your so mad!
When you really want to knock someone out, because your so mad!

Sarah: OMG lol how about you try talking instead.

In my next Gif I created it from a scene I cut from a movie called “This Christmas” I got from youtube.I had to download the video from youtube using clip converter, then use video cutter to pick my scene, then video to Gif converter to make it a Gif. I would use this Gif as such

Becky: I found emails in Ronnie phone from another woman


Kick his Ass if he his cheating lol
Pour baby oil on the floor and, Kick his Ass if he his cheating lol

Becky: You took the words right out of my mouth! LOL

4 thoughts on “MY GIF REACTIONS……”

  1. Thanks jazzy, I’ve been having trouble looking for an app with trim functions. I going to try this, they are charging me 5$ I hope that I’m not getting gypped and that it’s the right one.

  2. None of the applications I used I had to pay for. Make sure it’s free. The converter clip to download youtube videos is free, also is the 2 applications I downloaded from the playstore.

  3. I know Imani!!! that baby oil scene makes me laugh every single time. Hopefully I never have to try this at home lol!!! But this looks like a lot of fun to express ones anger lol

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