How to Embrace your creativity to the world

When you are asked to do something creative it could become stressful because you want to be able to express who you are through your work. But what  I find to be most simple in describing yourself without words, is to think of a few things that inspire you, even visually or/and make you question things. It could be of space, flowers, even shopping; what will give me the most opportunity to shop more is inspiration. Show what is important to you, even if it’s fighting for a cause!  I have chosen a picture of me at the viewing of Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney.. so cool! I even made it into the infinity room after waiting five hours in the freezing cold.

The theme I choose is  twentyfourteen ( because it is sleek and allows for me to always show just enough of my background all the time without it being the main objective of my page. Plugin’s are an additional tool which allows your users to have more convenience to your page. I decided to include a calendar and a categories section for my many (if any:D) viewers to have more convenience. Depending on what they want to search, be it random, funny, serious, etc it is now more accessible. As for the calendar, I can’t tell you how many times I need to know the exact date at the most random of times, and so if this ever happens to you and you are on my site than voilà! Maybe that’s more for me than you :D

I didn’t choose to include an about me because I feel that you determine if you like someone/thing in the first twenty seconds, so if naturally you are interested in the page you might stay. I do have a subtitle, for the future when random strangers may see my page I can explain.


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Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling