Hey I Got My Site Going and I Helped Someone Else With Theirs Too!!!

I got my site going, it’s quite interesting. The best part of this activity was that I was able to help my classmate Maggie sign-up for Reclaim Hosting and setup her domain. when I asked Maggie about her domain and Reclaim Hosting, she was at a total lost. I asked her “did you sign-up for Reclaim Hosting this past week and get your domain?” She said she was not sure how to go about getting the activity done. She said she was in class when we discussed it but it was very unclear to her. So we got started and took it step by step to create the domain. I followed the instructions and guidelines that were on the youtube tutorial which showed the signup process with Reclaim Hosting and how to install WordPress in the cPanel.

Then eventually, I asked her “did you install WordPress and get your first post edited?” She said she did not, and she was not sure how to do that. I then gave her a tutorial in installing WordPress and and then she created her first post. She said that she had started earlier and she did indeed get stuck, and she had paused a little. She then asked me for help,and I followed some of the steps that were on Reflection 5 and partially Reflection 6. Her site is up and running and she is making new posts.

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