Finally A GIF!!!

It has taken me quite some days to edit and get the perfect GIF that I wanted. It wasn’t easy I edited YouTube videos, TV shows, commercials, and cartoons but nothing that I truly wanted to expressed was coming to life. Finally after two days I’ve found what I wanted to create. That is a reaction GIF that represented, not only how i felt majority of mornings, but also how a lot of people may be feeling. Have your morning ever started off wrong and everyone annoyed you?

My reaction GIF would be used to show people that it is not your day; you didn’t get enough sleep and you simply want to be left alone. Due to the fact that I love cartoons I decided to use a YouTube clip of my favorite cartoon, edit scenes out to make it continuous, enhance the color, and speed up the time.

Friend: Hi, good morning how you feeling?

Me: Leave me alone I’m not in the mood

Friend: I just wanted to know how your day was

Me:  annoyedFriend: Fine, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


    1. I know I couldn’t find another quality and when I tried to change the resolution it became blurry so as a first GIF I think this is okay but you know we have have space for improvement.

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