Logo Icon Maniac

K PHOTOGRAPHY K Logo 3 K Logo 2.92 K Logo K logo upgrade fat

The usage of an icon is pretty popular on Tumblr so I’m always playing around in MS Paint creating and editing images so that I can use them. I decided to use the first initial of my name as a logo icon because it’s simple and very minimalistic and that’s usually the style I’m going for whenever I create something or am blogging. I just love how clean the lines look and its versatility. I always use black and white for anything I’m doing because it goes with any theme and looks aesthetically pleasing.

  • I created the first “K PHOTOGRAPHY” icon I have above for my Flickr icon.
  • The second boxed “K” icon for my Instagram icon.
  • And the other three were created for my Tumblr icon.

I just recently made the fifth one. I’ve always been really interested in geometric art and decided to try and make an icon incorporating this specific type of art style. It looks very rough when blown up, but when smaller, the lines look cleaner and more appealing as a whole.

By Katelyn Kemble

Creative and technical student studying at York College; steering towards majoring in Communications Technology.

CT101 Digital Storytelling