The process was smooth!

The process of personalizing my site and profile was quite easy. I signed right in and got to work. Good thing I followed instructions and wrote down every password I created so I wouldn’t have to go through the struggle. I choose my theme by looking at which ones appealed to me the most and I went with the Contango. It looked sleek, nice, and simple as a theme and I thought it fit my style. Plus it had green in it which is my favorite color. You can find the theme here:  Also i decided to add a little bit of personality to my page while customizing to add some spice. I choose a black and white butterfly background from off the web and uploaded a okay picture of myself. At first I wasn’t going to add a picture, but I thought “Why hide? It’s my site! I might as well show my face so people can know me.”  I wrote a little about myself. Not much of a biography but just enough info to make myself interesting. i don’t like people knowing too much, especially not on the internet for the public. I mentioned where I was from, my name, and what I enjoy to do on free time. Overall, I enjoyed doing this. It wasnt difficult at all which I’m thankful for :)


CT101 Digital Storytelling