The beginning of my Own Site!!

                                                 WELCOMEEEEEEEEEEEE WORLD!!!!!!!!

At first I was not sure how to get around registering for my site especially since I had click on the ($7) but after watching the tutorial I was like Ooh! This is not so hard to do!  Throughout the whole process I was excited and looking forward for this journey of mine, My Own Site! Amazing much! I plan on adding things that let the world know a little bit of what Nicette’s interest are, this is why I thought of naming the blog “Some pieces of me,” and whatever I find interesting I will make sure to post on my site. I really believe in this site being “your identity” because it start having so much meaning to the person who owns it. I chose my domain to be Nicette Massena just because I like the way it sounds and my name is quite unique which mean I don’t have to worry much about somebody else having that same domain as me!

I am really looking forward for where this might take me and what it might explode into in the future!


CT101 Digital Storytelling