Oh Yeaahhhhh

I would like to begin by saying that if it wasn’t for that youtube tutorial, I would have been lost. I expected the process of creating a domain to be more complicated.

Now on to the good stuff. For my site I just basically want to post things that reflect the type of person I am and to put a smile one someone face.  I am a random creative type of person, so expect different types of things. Whether it is artwork, fashion, natural hair things, music,  just random stuff that interest me.

My domain name is The Twisted Adventure. Like I said before I am a random person. A day with me is never planned. I am a go with the flow type of person. Anything can happen. Basically, it is an adventure with twist and turns.

By Blue Hair Bandit

Call me Tay Just an awkward girl with the curls

CT101 Digital Storytelling