My first Domain post!!! WR#6

The installation to making my domain was a bit confusing at first. After I got to the check out I didn’t understand why I couldn’t not check out until Professor Smith made the tutorial on Youtube. Either then that I installed WordPress with no problem.

I hope to customize this site for simple navigation. Having all the main buttons horizontally on top or possibly a drop down list. Having a nice color scheme that isn’t too bright or too dark would be nice. As for content I can have a few amateur GIF’s, blogs(of course) and maybe some amateur videos I can edit myself. There’s a lot of things I can do with this site that it’s uncertain how much content  my brain can handle. For now I will take this at a decent pace and see what kinds of content I will stick with and won’t.

The decision with my domain name was easy. I have difficulty coming up with special or unique names. There also comes a time where I would want to change names to something else instead of the other.  If my domain name was possibly my favorite band such as Paramore, others would think my site is all about them. Besides having my name behind a .com looks and feels awesome. Thank you for this great opportunity :D.


CT101 Digital Storytelling