Here I am,

This was no easy task, I have created two domains in the process but was left with this domain name. It’s fine, I should not relive that experience. It was not that it was so bad but it was complicated and not entirely my fault. But let’s move on.

My domain name rebirthoftheworld33, is me feeling that there is no rebirth without a reawakening of our soul, our conscious. No one can do this for us, but us. That’s the amazing part of life, we can be taught but without initiative there is no learning process.

I can not wait to personalize my page which I have added a few things already but am uncertain of it becoming permanent because this is no easy task to completely delve into my creative realm when I have to wake up at 6. I hope to mostly just express mutual feelings we all experience, making my site funny and spiritual in the hunt for what we most want.

By brittg

Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling