Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Welcome to Lyrically High, a site where you can find all things music. My reasoning for choosing lyrically high as my domain name was because of my love for music and how it makes me feel. Music is very important to me and I want to be able to share that with all of you. When I listen to music it is able to effect and/or enhance my mood depending on the genre and situation. Songs such as Good Life by Kanye West, or 0-100 by Drake have this ability to put me in a state of mind that could be compared to the “high” one would get from a drug.

“It’s crazy cuz I treat this like a drug; call it musical abuse, cuz I’m lyrically high”

Khadija J. Anderson

Actually claiming my domain name was a bit tricky. The steps were very simple but I had a little problem with the site needing credit card information. I am VERY conscious of giving out my personal information in majority of the situations I encounter. However, I just used an old debit card that I don’t really use anymore to sign up. Installing the word press application was pretty straight forward, no complications there. I actually used the professor’s tutorial on how to do both the sign up and installation. It helped to answer any questions about things I was unsure of.

I will definitely be looking at some other related sites such as soundcould and whosampledwho however, I plan to personalize my site by just crafting it to my unique way of thinking. A lot of music or entertainment websites only give you the opportunity to listen to the song or just give you the lyrics, my site will be used to connect the two by answering questions like: What is the song actually about? What makes this song “work”?   Are there any samples in the song? What do these lyrics mean? My site will be more than just the typical music critiquing site.

CT101 Digital Storytelling