Something new

The process of making my domain name wasn’t bad. The only part I didnt like was the requirement to enter credit card information. Being that we were thankfully provided with a coupon code, I didnt see it necessary. There is too much credit card fraudulent business going on in today’s society and I don’t like the idea of giving out such personal info, but that’s how the site is set up. Other then that, everything was great. All the instructions was provided so it was a breeze. I hope to add some color and imagery to my site to make it more interesting and pretty. It will add personality to my domain. I got my domain name from a nick name I created back in high school. I love Asian culture and back in Jamaica and the Caribbean, there is a lot of sub-culture of Chinese and Japanese origins. I have family from China. I have never met them but I still knowledge the culture along with Jamaica’s of course :)

CT101 Digital Storytelling