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I believe people would want their own domain mainly for own personally use so they can start getting known online. I started thinking a while ago that i might choose my domain name from any song I liked. One of my favorite bands is Linkin Park so i started looking around to see if i could use any of my favorite songs as my domain name. Sadly a lot of my favorite songs were already taken as domain names, clearly not the only one who had this idea in mind. But finally i did find one song that I liked that was available so I made my decision of using the song name as my own domain name.

me when i finally found a domain name available.
me when i finally found a domain name available.


  1. Hey, I’m sorry I have a question. In that email from Michael he sends us two links, but in the second link it i just me submitting my own response. How do you get to the page he mentions, where I get to edit the Hello World?

    I wanna feel like you do in your gif 🙂

    1. so is the link, its the first one on the email. All you have to do is create one. After you have to install wordpress onto your domain, you can look for that on youtube if you need help. After you installed wordpress you can login and do your post for hello world

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