Your Own Domain.

Having your own domain name gives you control of your online identity. You get to control what people see when they search you. I believe people create their own domain names for these reasons. Choosing my own domain name? My domain name will be based on a nickname one of my closest friends gave me. “Kilo” she always called me this and eventually it just stuck. I changed my instagram name to kiloswank which i honestly just made up not realizing the word “swank” had an actual meaning. But eventually everyone was calling me “Kilo” and “Keylolo” and i just went with it. For my domain name I chose “”. At first I didn’t think the name would be available but it was so I just chose to use it. I would like to use this name as my domain because everyone I know knows me as Kilo and I feel like it would be a great domain name because it represents me.

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