The Moon Tells All

I attempted to make a GIF today. I interpret this reaction GIF to mean that the night is young. I love how bright the moon gets some nights. I chose this reaction GIF because people correlate Sailor Moon with the moon because the moon is her symbol.

Someone would use this gif in place of a textual conversation if the conversation means hanging out at night. Many people like to party and hang out at night. This can mean the night is still young. There are so many places to hang out at night like a party, a lounge, a restaurant, or a skate park.

An example of how a conversation would go is:

Me: Let’s go to a party!

Friend: I’m tired. We were at a party last night.

Me: (insert this gif)


Friend: You are right. The night is young. Okay. I will go.

Sailor Moon is a popular manga and anime series. Since I love anime and most of my friends do too, we would totally get the reference about the moon. Taysha (Blue Hair Bandit) helped me create this GIF. She is a pro. Special thanks to her!


By blueangelwings

Betsy A girl who loves to laugh.


  1. I love Sailor Moon! One of the prettiest anime character I’ve watched as a kid. In fact, the only anime I’ve ever watched…You did a great job in making the moon shine and dim, I would totally use this to convince friends that we should go out!

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