Nostradamus Timeline


In this gif I decided to make a Nostradamus theme [Source]. In this image I lassoed the outline of Nostradamus and then I inverted the selection and then cut the image. Next was to find a 2 to 4 Megapixel of space. After I found my image I decided to layer the background to the back. Now to animate the background, I started to nudge the image to the left and then use creating the frame. Now rinse and repeat until 60 frames to create a moving image.


In this second image I believe that this background is suited for this sort of theme. For this gif I imported the space gif in 60 layers. Now for this image I selected all of the 60 layers and then dropped it in the Nostradamus workspace. Now I add the Layer 1 of the space gif to the Nostradamus by using the eye hider layer tool. Now I repeat the steps for 60 layers.

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