My Own Domain?!

castiel meme

I think a faculty member or a student would want to have their own domain because it’s their own page to explore, create and your able to talk about anything you like and it’s a way of creating your own online character that represents you and or your ideas online. It’s like your own personal stamp on the internet. I think some one would make their own personal domain because it’s basically like creating your own world, where you rule over everything and can change or do anything you’d like at any given moment in time. The most probable reason that people have professional domain’s because it’s almost like having an online resume where they can describe their ideas and show off their work and to share things with their peers.

I’m not entirely certain what I would base my domain name off of it depends on what’s available and how creative and fun I’m feeling.

So far in terms of domain names I’ve come up with a few that aren’t taken yet:,, victoria’ I’m not sure which I like the most lol. I’m having a hard time picking to be honest. is the name that I think is best because you know that’s what people always remember, moments in time that they did something fun or valuable or that shared with others.



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