Finally! Created my first GIF!!!

Took me about less than 40 min to draw out all of the layers using a mouse and photoshop. Drew about 12 slides, each slide took about 3 minutes to draw. I’m pretty proud of myself, creating this since this is my first GIF using photoshop.

Kiwi the Kitty roaring a great big meow


            Kiwi the Kitty is a little Kitten who dreams of being big. A little bio about her is that she is clumsy and silly, pretty optimistic and very playful. This image is suppose to be cute and dorky at the same time, hence it is adorkable. The style that she was drawn is called Chibi/anime. She has been an idea for years and for once I created a GIF of her! I cannot be any more happier!

Previously I created another GIF using a clip from the show Doctor Who I have made 2 different types of GIF for this Digital Storytelling Assignment, one being a clip from a show and another which I drew/using photoshop. I used two methods in achieving to create a GIF. One using photoshop and another using an application called GIFCam that takes a scene from any type of video.


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