Domain Name: Digital Self

Why would we have our own domain name? I think students or faculty members may have their own domain name because it shapes who they are. We are in a world that opens an unlimited variety of usage of the Internet. Creating your own domain name can’t hurt social media. It just improves who we are. Rather than using our full name we can create something that describes our personality or a memory. I think other people have their own domain name to identify the domain host. A student for example might use something catchy whereas a faculty member might keep it profession. According to educational therapist, Warren Arbogast’s point of view of domain name is; “that they don’t only control and own, but they understand how it works.”

I would choose my DM based on who I am. It will incorporate my name and also a part of something I find interesting.

I would like to use “jtproductionz” or “jtcreate” as my domain name because of my initial first and last name, J.T. I like to work with all kinds of productions and share my creative ideas with others. I checked my domain name’s availability at and it lit up green once I created my DM. My initial domain would have been ‘jtproductions’ but was already taken and I think the ‘z’ makes it a bit more fancy and catchy. Hence, student domain. Also it would have cost over 2K for an ‘s’. As opposed to a ‘z’ is way cheaper.

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