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I finally created my first GIF on Photoshop CS6 today! I am so excited that I want to share  how I went along creating this project, with you all. If you are using Photoshop CS5 it should pretty much be the same procedure. However, in this project I used CS6. I hope it helps!

First google search a photo/upload one from your desktop. In my case I google searched an image by Picasso and sized it at 500×500 pixels.Then save the file on the desktop and/or open it in Photoshop. After opening the image in PS, select the magnetic lasso tool and click around part(s) of the image you want to make come alive. Once the last point meets the first, you’ll see a selected marker around the part you have drawn out. Copy that selection, open a new window in PS and paste it. Once you’ve done that, you can begin creating your own GIF. Drag the image from the new window in PS using your moving tool into the first image. Now edit that piece to create some other movement and save it. I had to save each selection separately in order for me to create the moving image. So keep copying, pasting and editing, and save each piece as you go along. When you save your files make sure they are saved as JPEG not Photoshop. You’ll find yourself doing this all wrong if you do that. Also, if you’d like you can merge all of the layers you’ve now saved; by clicking the option panel on your layer tool and select merge layers. Next, go to File>Scripts>Export layers to files. Browse your images, select the ones you just saved and open. Go to the Window option at the top and make sure timeline is checked. Click on create an animation and then the options panel at the top left of your timeline. Select use all layers as frames and your images will appear in the timeline. You can make it play once, 3 times or forever! Let’s go with forever and once you’ve down that, save your new file (save for web). Make sure you save it as a GIF (picasso.gif) in a folder or your desktop, check your settings and hit save. You can also preview before you save it and it will open up as a webpage.

As you can see my GIF is based on the “Sound of Music.” There are 4 different images popping out. The original trumpet is yellow, I just simply tweaked each movement by playing around with the hue/saturation levels. That is how the colors are changed every time the music moves. Pretty cool huh? It took me almost an hour to figure out how to save this file for web because my image wasn’t able to save for some weird reason. But I kept restarting my project and was finally able to get it done!
Feel free to comment below, I would like to get your feedback as to how helpful this was.

Picasso painting comes alive!


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