Being lame? Yes being lame is cool~

Creating a GIF took me at most 3 hours because I really did not know how to make one so I looked online on how to do so. I tried many times on Photoshop but I failed countless of times. There were so many delays when uploading the file and duration delay which the GIF appeared really slow. Then I tried GIMP and found out I need another application to create a GIF so when I attempted it, the application kept crashing. In the end I created a GIF using an application called GIFCam. It was a much easier and simpler way of creating a GIF.I really want to make a GIF using one of my favorite shows called Doctor Who.This Gif would be perfect for people with weird dance moves that does not care about what other people think. It also reflects on my weirdness because I am pretty weird and that is what makes me who I am.


Me on the Dance Floor.

Awesome dance moves

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