Three’s Company is Fun But Three is A Moving Handful


I thought about making a very unusual but simple GIF. Three’s Company happens to be one of my favorite sitcoms. Even though it’s quite an old show, it’s way older than me, I never get tired of watching numerous episodes of it. Since I’ve never seen a GIF with Three’s Company, I thought creating a GIF with the three room mates would be quite amusing for me. In the show Three’s Company, it entails three room mates who all live together platonic, and they share an apartment in Santa Monica California. Their apartment building is owned by their hard-nosed landlord, Stanley Roper and his love-starved wife, Helen Roper.

In the GIF, it shows the three room mates, Chrissy Snow, Jack Tripper and Janet Wood hanging out in their living-room couch where a lot of their home time is spent chatting and teasing each other. The room mates have a fun and interesting living arrangement, and at times the drama among them get out of hand. Most of the time they struggle to get their rent money together for Mr. Roper each month. The three room mates also love to hang out at their favorite neighborhood pub The Regal Beagle.

The GIF with the room mates from Three’s Company can be used to show how ridiculous they can be at times and also how much fun they all have together hanging out in their living room.


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  1. Make sure the gif is at full size before you insert it into your post next time so that it can move without having to click on it.

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