The Perfect Domain Name

Creating a domain can be almost like creating a child. We think of a name, we feed it with the right information we want, we watch it grow into something bigger and better all while helping it expand its life. The first thing a person would always do is think of a name. That name may come from anywhere, however it needs to give the viewers an idea of the type of things that are going to be posted. Any one can or probably should have their own domain. Whether it’s a student and it’s for a class assignment or it is an adult who wants to portray professionalism. A digital identity can be so fun to create not only will it reflect the type of person you are but in the process of thinking of new ways to become better online it can transition into the way you think in reality. Often enough we as humans always need to share things we can never have something only for ourselves. So when you come up with the idea of your domain and you work on it, it becomes something that only you, the creator, have control over. The one thing we don’t have to share.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Domain Name”

  1. “…it needs to give the viewers an idea of the type of things that are going to be posted.” I don’t think this is necessarily true. Your domain name is used for your own personal satisfaction and no one else. Although I can see how this would apply to domains being used for professional reasons.

    1. A domain name is for yourself, but at the same time the name should give the viewer an idea of who you are. By doing this it draws the right attention to the specific people you want. You don’t want your domain to be one name but everything your doing on the site doesn’t reflect off of you.

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