Lets Get Digital..Digital!!

A student or faculty would like to have a domain name of their own because they are creating their own type of online identity. This is a way you can freely express yourself however you feel. As it was stated in the interview, “you are in control”. This is your online identity. Not only will It define who you are as a person, but how people will view you too.

People who have domains for professional reasons wants to get their possible business out there and network with the online community. Technology is so popular in this day in age that everything goes viral. People are always browsing the web, so having a professional domain is a great way to promote yourself. I think that people who use domains for personal use just wants to share their life, thoughts, beliefs, or ideas with others.

My domain name will define either a part of me or one of my characteristics. A name that came to me is The Twisted Adventure. I would like that as a domain name because it describes how I can be. With me an adventure is not a straight path. You never know what can happen. I am a sporadic person. Expect the unexpected with me


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