Domain name, Why not?

I think it would be great for anyone to have their own domain name, as Jim Groom said, it becomes this identity of yours, this domain could be the person space, their online identity. The domain could be the person own space which they could control and have as their own and be the author. It is quite important to understand how it works because it will be your own space as said by Jim Groom, the experience will shape you in different ways and also you could always take it with you. Considering it will be your identity you could always look back at how you were or what was your interest a few months ago, it could also improve your creativity, it is a way to express yourself. My domain will be based on my name, I wanted something unique and I can say my name is definitely unique! It is a great part of me, when I was younger I didn’t like my name at all because everyone seem to have a common name and me I was named Nicette, what is that? I always question my name considering I never met anyone with that name but now I thank my parents for naming me something different and so happy to have this rare name! The domain name I would love to have as my own is either “Nicette Massena Is Her Name” or just “Nicette Massena”, I’m still trying to decide which one I like more.

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