Domain Dot What???

Weekly Reflection 4 part 2

After listening to Jim Groom’s “Domain of One’s Own” interview it became very clear to me why someone would want to have their own domain name. I think a student or faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” because it gives people a sense of having a space of their very own where they can control what goes on in it. I think other people have their own domain name for professional use, such as marketing their brand, networking with others, or for commercial/nonprofit business. As for personal use people create domain names so that they can use it to share their ideas, work, thoughts, etc., with the world in a space of their own. I plan to choose my domain name based off of my personal interest, as while as my creative and unique thinking. The theme of my name will be music, success, dreams, all things that essential makes me-me. After researching some tips on picking a domain name, I choose LyricallyHigh because my website will be about entertainment, mainly music. In the article “5 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name” it actually changed my mind because I wanted to put an underscore in between my name, but the article suggested that I didn’t as it can make it harder for people to remember.

I completed this project by first listening to Jim Groom’s interview in order to answer the questions, and then by research how to create a domain name and make sure it was available. The only thing I am confused about is whether or not I actually own the name. Can someone “steal” it if I don’t do go through the proper legal steps?

Weekly Reflection 4

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  1. It’s great that you did some research on your own about picking a domain name. I never would have thought of doing that.

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