Domains are as unique as you would want yourself to be seen. A student or faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” possibly to express oneself or to maybe even gain popularity. There can be a need for one of these for professional/personal use in order to create a space in the internet and take it with you, as described in the recording. In other words, you can use that to establish a professional image to help you explain who you are. As a student this can be possibly be a virtual resume, or selling point of your talents etc. I agree with the recording’s statement of the fact that you can be yourself or the exact opposite of who you are on the web. Jim says that parents would often say “hide your identity” and such which makes sense if shy people do not want to fully put themselves out there. Maybe these types of people would truly express themselves only though and unknown identity. I try to not fully expose my identity because in some cases that can put you at risk of identity(even though its probably something small like a fake account of yourself) and stuff of that nature. For this reason and others, I would probably choose a domain name based on my favorite ‘old school’ car, an ‘MR2’. The domain name i searched and found available based on it being solely based on this favorite vehicle was “” which would apparently only cost me $8.99 to purchase :). I would own it for the simple reason that I would upload information pertaining only to this car that other admirers of the vehicle would be able to enjoy as well.

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