The Digital FootPrint

A student or a faulty member would have his/her domain name to display his work (portfolio) or college interest. I think why people use a domain name is, because it represents who the person is and crafts a public, digital identity. In “domains of one own” Jim states that a domain name is a core that represents a piece of technology that should be used by students and faculty. I’ve already came up with a name it think it will be called “”. This name started out as a joke, but I started to build a logo four months back and now the name has stuck with me. The origin of the name came from one of my Online Gamer tags which were “BlackJackal“. Then I had a lot of account for this one specific game around 12 I believe. Some was labeled as “B7ACKJackal”; “BL4CKJackal”; “B74CKJ4CK47”.  I hope I can use it for my domain, because I kind of started branding it in my work.

Invention Render
For my CT 137 Invention Project

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  1. I think the domain name you chose is very original. I’m also taking CT 137 and have been having a hard time trying to figure out an invention so reading this and looking at the blueprints of your concept have really inspired me. Thanks for sharing!

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