Online World… Here I Come!

I believe a student or faculty member should have a domain of their own because some people want to have an online identity. In addition, the domain will become one’s personal area in the internet world. One can crave a space on the internet and can post and blog about anything they would like. Jim Groom stated that the domain name can help one “develop their online identity”. In order words, the domain name can show the world who that person is by the links they post or the posts they can write about it and the opinions they write about. For example, politics, beauty, fashion, art, and video games can be reviewed and can be posted on your blog. One who glances on the blog will get a grasp of the individual. Becoming a “digital citizen” is important because the web is an open space and your domain name will be your place in internet world where you can write about anything and soon you will be participating in the internet world discussion. Jim Groom asserted that the internet is “space that helps define you”. This strengthens my belief that the internet can help people learn more about a topic and share with others. The internet can be a place where one can be able to share thoughts and feelings and even receive responses back, therefore engaging in a discussion about topics that may interest you. This can be helpful for a professional domain also. People have their own domain for professional or private use because they can write about anything and be an active participant of the internet world.


The domain should describe who you are and have people be fascinated by the contents that are on your blog. The domain name should be interesting, different, and should make a person want to click on your blog. I plan to choose my domain name by combing my hobbies, favorite color, and my name. My domain name will not be my name or a theme. I know the name might sound weird, but I believe the domain name should be unique. I might use a quote because I love inspirational quotes, but I want to create a name that is powerful, bold, and different. I searched on and found that the domain names I wrote in were not taken. I plan to make a domain name that is sweet, bold, and unique. I plan to make blueangelwings my domain name because it represents my favorite color I have always used either angel or wings as my usernames for other accounts so I figured I’ll used it to create my blog. I am very excited to start creating my blog.


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