Jeremiah! Do you love me?

I really enjoy creating GIFs now! According to this GIF you can see he is upset with me, in the look on his face at the beginning. Then he becomes very annoyed and says, “no” and turns his head. Which entails that a person would use this to show they are being bothered by someone, like me and wants to be left alone.

None animated GIFThis is my 2 year old cousin, Jeremiah. I kept asking him if he loves me, more than 3 times in fact. He got irritated and said, “NO!”

4 thoughts on “Jeremiah! Do you love me?”

  1. I actually want to rotate this gif so that it will be shown vertically rather than horizontal, having viewers tilting their heads. Does anyone have a solution to this??

  2. Wow, this is so adorable, and cute. I love how this GIF is used to depict the toddler’s behavior and how he reacts to other people who are trying to gain his attention. I find this very creative and interesting.

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