Don’t Let It Control You, You Control It

I engage in many different social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Twitter. I use my Facebook to keep in contact with old friends and family that are not in my phone contacts. Even though most of the media portrayed on Facebook I still use it to see what’s new with news in music and politics. I also like to see what my friend or family is doing throughout their day. I only use YouTube for one thing, which is to watch any type of videos in the world which I find quite amazing. I am on Vine strictly for laughing matters. I love to get a good laugh here and there so anytime I want I visit Vine and it always give me a good laugh. I use Instagram to post pictures of anything, I also like and comment on other peoples post which makes it entertaining. Using Twitter might be my most constructive one. I am a huge sports and music fanatic, so my Twitter has none of my friends or people I know; it is widely dedicated to just sports and music. I keep up with famous athletes, sports teams, famous artists and latest songs. All of my social networks are public because I have nothing to hide, anything in my life that is private isn’t anywhere on none any of my social networks. I have read Danah Boyd’s “Controlling Your Public Appearance” and it doesn’t change my thought on the use of social media because my same thoughts will always remain the same. I barely use social networks, only if I have to or I am not busy. Most of the time my social networks are deactivated and I don’t use them until I get a break from school. I will never let social media be a distraction or a frustration to me. There are a lot of things I see that rubs me the wrong way but I never let it get any further, I just brush it off and move on because at the end of the day life still exist and the real world is still happening. My advice to anyone with social media, don’t let it control you, you control it.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let It Control You, You Control It”

  1. It’s interesting to see how you primarily use social media to follow activities and not necessarily put content out there. Which is totally ok! Throughout the semester we’re going to be talking about ways social media can be used to extend your presence as a student and/or budding professional.

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