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The article on controlling your public appearance by danah boyd actually did inform me that creating a blog would be smarter if you would want to choose a type of social media. I would not only choose to do this because I am trying to give up social media, since we are hooked, but I do enjoy to voice my opinions and a blog would be a sort of way for people to meet me but not literally, if that makes sense. However I would not want my p.o.v’s to tamper with any future chances I may have due to a dislike of what I have to say. But if it is done right it should be okay, right? As I stated earlier I am trying to quit social media, because I do not particularly like that social media can make hours pass by and I have nothing to show for the time wasted, and also I do not want companies to think they know me by what I search when they don’t. Regardless I am a twitter fan and it is not private, because who creates a private twitter! I hate those people! I mostly use twitter to just state whatever is on my mind, and my sometimes ridiculous middle of the night thoughts. I also use Facebook, but mostly to connect with family and colleagues be it at school or work. I do have this private but for personal reasons. I know a few too many crazy people and Facebook creates creepers (creepy people). I do not need people peering into my personal life if I don’t know you/like you. I also have g+ because of work and I usually do not keep things private unless I feel that too many people have an unnecessary amount of access. Facebook is to easy to spy on people, whereas g+ and twitter is not what a lot of people (I know) my age have, so I feel good about making it public. But by far my favorite and the biggest waste of time is Pinterest, but gosh it’s like guilt-free shopping and free workout, diy’s, and cooking advice.

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  1. I understand how you feel! I totally agree that I don’t want the things that I put up to affect my future chances for anything and I know giving up social media is very difficult to do unless you have constant distractions in your life or overly busy! The blog site sounds like a pretty good idea to be honest because it’s an easy way to put your thoughts and ideas out there without too many crazy people stalking you like on Facebook!

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