The thing we call Social Media.

The social media I use are Facebook and Instagram . The way I use them are different, I use Facebook to keep up with old friends, especially people I knew in high school and family in different countries, while Instagram I use it to post current pictures, quotes and engage with different people and socialize. Both my Facebook and Instagram are private just cause I know there are people out there that just wants to be nosy, so I rather have the power of deciding who’s friends request I accept especially on Facebook. With Instagram I don’t really care much of who follows me just cause its not really meant to have conversation, its more about posting what interests you while Facebook I’ve always been private with it and just mostly focus more on having people I know as my friends on it. When I was younger I never thought of social media being so bad but as I grew up I realize how dangerous it could get, reading Danah Boyd’s blog just prove my thinking more of how crazy social media can be.

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