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Me going into this like ‘I got this’

I am being asked to choose which assignments I will do, and this just doesn’t sit right with me. I feel as if this is some sort of cruel joke to get my guard down and then at the end of the semester, tell me all of the things which I did not complete. However everyone will be going down so I think I can trust it. So I will just do as much as possible and maybe a few things may slide if I get to overwhelmed with life which usually does not happen but if it does I know which class to let my hair down first. HAHA I am joking of course. I am excited to learn and hope my enthusiasm will lead me in this course. I believe we are given choices, because this may be new to a lot of us, and you wouldn’t want us to pull out our hair screaming out the classroom with the frustration that usually comes with computers. Also, not all of us will have access to the type of services that you are asking for, such as QuickTime. Which I tried to download and got a virus, so I am not enjoying that aspect of it thus far. I do not like hearing that I will not receive full credit but nothing in life is perfect so as long as I can get almost full than I think I will be fine 🙂

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