Social Media ?

I use many different social media networks for many different reasons. I have Facebook, Instagram, & Vine. I had a YouTube and a Tumblr account which I both lost the passwords too. For Facebook my account is public, it used to be private until a great amount of people started following me I just decided to leave it public. My new Instagram is public. My old account was private for a while until I got really annoyed with accepting request. My request would reach like 500 of people I never knew and I didn’t bother accepting them because I wasn’t planning on following them back anyway. My Vine was actually the only account I had that was private. When I had my YouTube account I don’t ever remember setting up privacy settings and the same goes for my tumblr account. After reading Danah Boyd’s ‘Controlling Your Public Appearance’ I do change my mindset on how I might use social media. When I post what I post it’s because that’s me and I honestly have nothing to hide. But I guess I need to be a little more careful on social media it won’t hurt nobody.

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