Social Media Is The Way To Go

I tend to engage in using several forms of social networks on almost a daily basis as a form of socializing and for journalistic and news gathering purposes as well. In this age, social media has taken a world of itself and it is quite dominant. I engage in several forms of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whats App and YouTube. I use these social networks for both public and private purposes.

I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for public reasons. These are public because they allow you to share information, videos, pictures and at the same time you have the ability to make them public so that an array of people can have access to it and respond to comments, posts etc. However, I use Whats App for private uses such as sending typed messages, photos, videos, and other peculiar pieces of information that I may want to share with a close friend or a family member for instance. I lean towards these choices because I feel more comfortable to share information in this manner.

In Danah Boyd’s Controlling Your Public Appearance, she definitely makes good points about how you use social media. She definitely made an impact on me as I read her piece. Most people are relatively aware of the pros and cons of social media, thus they should be vigilant as to what they share or post on social media.

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