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I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts. I use Vine just for entertainment. It is so funny to me. The material people come up with in just 6 seconds is incredible. I really don’t know why I still have a Facebook account. I rarely post statuses, but I like looking at other peoples’ problems I guess. I use Instagram quite often. I post pictures sometimes and enjoying looking at the people I follow picture. I also like looking at famous people’s life through Instagram. I use Twitter the most. It gives me the best chance to express myself and I have absolutely no filter on that network. My Facebook and and Vine account are public. I don’t post anything so I don’t really care who sees, but The other two are private accounts. Its not that I have anything to hide i just don’t want everybody in my business. After reading the post, I will not change anything about my social networks. I feel they are fine just the way they are

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  1. Vine never seizes to amaze me. Some of the short clips that I watch on the app make me feel like I’m watching the preview of an upcoming movie.

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