Social life of the Music Man

Throughout the years I’ve used many social media sites. But currently I use Facebook, you tube,G+, Twitter, Instagram , and Sound cloud.

I use Facebook just to meet new people and to chat to my friends. I do have a few pages and groups under my name but for the most part the page is just to socialize. Youtube is used to promote the music that i create. I stopped using it because no one showed me love *tear tear* but its still their. Instagram is the same as Facebook just use it to re-post pictures and stuff like that. The only reason why i have Google +  is because Google took over youtube so you need a Google+ account to comment and do all that stuff on youtube. My main site for business is soundcloud. That is where i post most of my music. I chose to keep facebook private because they’re too many creeps out their. Soundcloud has to be open so that everyone can hear what I’ve made. Instagram  is private because i don’t want random people i don’t follow or who doesn’t follow me gazing at my pictures. Youtube has to be open .

The post about controlling public appearance just reiterated the fact that i have to keep certain things private while maintaining the image that I have now.

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