My confidence when I’m done with this course

I chose the Kanye gif, to describe how confident I will feel after I develop my skills in technology.

My game plan for this course is to focus &, do as much blogging as possible,also interacting with my peers through comments & critiques. I love to write , and communicate my thoughts , and any ideas I might have. I’m not very tech savvy, so I’m nervous to do the digital storytelling projects. I also am excited to devote many hours on working on my personal website. I want the website to be a reflection of my identity ,& to speak about my career and future goals. I want to be diverse in my choosing assignments to work on, so if I don’t receive full point value, I can make up for it in other assignments. I think that we’re giving a lot of freedom to pick assignments , because the teachers want us to try out different things, so we can get the most out of this course, & to figure out what we may be good at. Develop new skills.

Me hard at work, during this course. Studying & getting creative.


  1. Good work. I like the gif selections. Be careful in replacing characters like “&” in the place of the word “and” when publishing on the net. I know it is faster and easier to do this, but perhaps this could become a future post in and of itself that describes the differences between mobe writing and abbreviating versus keyboards at desktop computers? Hehe just a thought. Good work.

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