Isn’t One’s Own Domain Interesting!

I think a student or a faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” because it would enable them to have an opportunity and the flexibility to design, create and have thoughtful uses of those spaces. I think other people have their own domain name for professional and personal uses because it is a service that is available for them to make life easier, more accessible.

Based on Jim Groom’s interview, it is accurate and effective that faculty and students should have a space of their own and be able to manage that space personally and professionally as well. Having a domain of one’s own allows people to digital identity of their own, and it enables them to use that identity. I would chose a domain name based on my name, I would probably go with something like since it’s a name that I use quite frankly, I’m comfortable going with that.

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  1. You made a lot of good points! I agree with everything you wrote. I can especially relate to the part where you talked about being able to have “flexibility to design, create, and have thoughtful uses of those spaces”. I’m currently doing this through numerous types of social media sites and I can definitely see it becoming beneficial in the future.

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