Is Face Book and YouTube Your Life?

From YouTube to Twitter everyone is involved with social media. It has come to a point now where even my grandmother has a Facebook. Usually I say grandma you too old to be posting statuses but that doesn’t stop her from doing it. YouTube is more of a necessity for me to go on to than Facebook. I can spend countless hours on YouTube just because its an unlimited amount of things you can watch or topics that may interest you. Whereas Facebook is all about the drama and who is the most “famous” on the net. I use both accounts differently, although I do not have a YouTube channel I go on to view things that excite me. Ranging from hair tutorials to how to fix my broken phone. Facebook is more for catching up with my friends and posting pictures. No matter what social media you use be mindful of the things you put out there. Danah Boyd speaks of Myspace and I remember having one and no one could find me. Now on Facebook people I have no mutual friends with are finding me and my profile name is on Google. As time progresses people are making themselves less “private” and that’s an issue. Jobs can and will see your profiles so be real careful with your decisions to post certain things!!!!!!!


  1. I like the descriptions here in your usage statement between the two platforms. It would be great to see a few examples from both to help the viewers of our post related better to your experiences. Embed a few YouTube videos and a few images or screen shots from facebook.

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